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Working From Home!

June 14, 2011

I'm working again!!!  I received a phone call a week or so ago from the architecture firm that I've been consulting for (on an as need basis), and guess what...they have work for me (again)!  I went into the office yesterday (for the first time since December!) to get my computer set up and get acquainted with the work I'll be doing.  I have to say it was a long day, and so weird to be in an office!  :)  Good news is the gig is very flexible and it looks like I'll be in the office two days a week and working from home the remaining days.

Speaking of working from home, I've found that my ironing board makes a great make-shift desk!  :)  I'm 'borrowing' my Dad's tall stool, I have my Diet Coke, Pandora is blaring, and I'm all good!  :)

I better get back to my 9 to 5 To-Do List!  I just wanted to say hello and share the good news.  I'm taking a late lunch today to pick up some more burlap coffee bags from the roastery, which is always exciting as I never know what the bags will look like!  Also, don't forget...this Thursday - Sunday I'll be at Fresh Picked Fabrics selling my sewing patterns, as well as finished Coffee Burlap Tote Bags, Thread Catchers, Diaper Wristlets, and Nursing Cocoons.  If you're in the area I would LOVE for you to stop by!!!  :)


  1. I love it! That's a little what my ironing board looks like right now!

  2. Hooray for you!!! Praying all goes well! Enjoy the season!

  3. So great. But how do you stand working that close to your sewing machine and not sewing!?


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