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SoCal Quilter's Run @ Fresh Picked Fabrics!

June 16, 2011

Hello!  Sorry I've been so quiet this week.  Its probably been one of the busiest weeks I've had all year as I'm consulting again, AND I've been preparing for my patterns and products to make their debut at the local quilt shop!  Remember this post?  Well, I'm here to happily announce that "the local quilt shop" is Fresh Picked Fabrics (3810 Prospect Avenue, Unit A, Yorba Linda, CA 92886)!!! 

I think I've mentioned this before, but let me tell you...Fresh Picked Fabrics is my favorite local quilt shop.  The fabric selection is wonderful, the shop is packed full of samples (which always gets my mind working in overdrive), and the staff is always helpful and cheery!  Below are some photos of the shop...make sure to scroll ALL THE WAY down, to see my piece of the shop!  :)

Threaded Pear Studio's new Cabana Quilts.

A little Amy Butler fabric, and samples galore (I told you their samples are awesome!!!).

My home away from home...have you ever seen so much ric rac???

Halloween is just around the corner!

More great samples...many from Lizzie B Cre8tive's new book.

Now on to my little corner!  I've set up camp towards the back of the store (between the where you get your SoCal Quilter's Run passport stamped and the food)...I'm hard to miss!  :) 

I have four sewing patterns for sale (Burlap Tote Bag, Diaper Wristlet, Nursing Cocoon, and Thread Catcher), as well as finished products of all of the aforementioned products.  In addition, I'm selling the Coffee Burlap Bags, so that you can make your own Tote Bag!

One last thing...see that sweet Tote Bag, sitting on the table (between the Nursing Cocoon, and the finished Coffee Burlap Tote Bag + behind the red and green fabric)?  Well, that is the Mini Burlap Tote Bag (measures 10" x 10", and 3.5" deep) which is a free bonus pattern that comes with the Burlap Tote Bag pattern...not too bad- eh?

I hope that everyone has enjoyed my mini tour of Fresh Picked Fabrics.  It's a really great place, and I TOTALLY think you should come in either this weekend (Thursday-Sunday) or the following weekend to take a look around.  Don't forget to stop me and say hello!  :)


  1. WOW!! Hope your weekend is amazing and successful!!! You go girl!!

  2. What a great shop, and what a cute corner you have set up! I am sure it's going to be a raging success.

  3. Totally amazing... hope everyone can see those super fabulous coffee bags!!! Don't hide them at the back=) LOL
    Can't wait to hear how fantastic your weekend went.

  4. ohmygosh!!! I am SO proud of you friend. This is so exciting :)

  5. Looks fantastic. I hope it went just great. Looks like a GREAT shop!


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