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Quilt Market- Sewing Studio Furniture!

May 26, 2011

If you're looking for the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day here (note- giveaway closes tonight!). 

If you've been following my blog for sometime, you know that I've always dreamed of an awesome sewing studio!  I started sewing on my kitchen table, and then moved onto a folding banquet table- ugh!  :)  I've had my eye on the Olivia sewing desk from Arrow Sewing Cabinets for quite sometime, but never made the purchase...that is until I spotted their booth at Quilt Market!

Olivia Sewing Desk in Pistachio

Pixie Cutting Table in Pistachio

Sweet Jo, from Arrow Sewing Cabinets, who was EVER so patient with me, as I tend to be indecisive!  :)

I'm ecstatic to report that six (6!) boxes of sewing furniture arrived on Tuesday.  I may or may not have jumped up to look at the window every time I heard a large truck drive by!  After waiting {patiently} all day, Mr. FedEx arrived at 5:20 PM!  Long story short, my Momma and I started to put the Pixie Cutting Table together, but jumped at the chance of having a family friend, Carlos, assist with the construction.  Carlos came over this morning and assembled everything for me.  I have to say I am SO grateful for such sweet friends, I am truly blessed!  :)

Okay, now on to the photos (since I know that's why you're really here!).  ;)

My new sewing desk!  I also ordered an acrylic insert for the desk so that I have an even sewing desk (I hope that makes sense!).  I used to sew with my back to the window, but was tired of not being able to see because of the shadows, etc.

My new Pixie Cutting Table.
It looks a bit lonely in the corner...I might have to go shopping for some wall art!  :) 

I moved the white cubby storage unit to the wall where my sewing machine had been.  Oh, and that collection of Thread Catchers will be headed to the local quilt shop next week.  :)

For those that are wondering, I still have the sewing desk that my grandma gave to me.  I haven't yet refinished the desk, although my Dad and I stripped a bit of the finish.  I'm not sure when, but one day the sewing desk that my grandpa bought for my grandma will be in my sewing studio, as I'd love to use it for my serger.  :)


  1. Very nice....I love the pistachio green!

  2. I know it's a commandment not to, but I can't help it. I covet! Love everything about it!!!

  3. I love that desk! Omg, drooling.

  4. Love, love the color selections!! Enjoy - it looks so warm and inviting! Makes all the difference to have nice sewing furniture. Enjoy!

  5. I did not need to see that! :P I was impressed when I got my own sewing room, now I need something other than a metal chair and fold out table! I'm very happy for you!

  6. I LOVE the new sewing desk! I have admired that in magazines for a while. I would so love to have a sewing desk that my machine sits down in. This is just great for you! I am so happy for you!

  7. That new desk is adorable! I love the chair too! :)

  8. That desk is beautiful! Wow! Thank you for linking up to Scatter Girls!

  9. Thanks for linking up at Scatter girls, love your new desk!

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I LOVE your comments, and read them all! Thank you! :)