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Quilt Market- Sample Spree

May 13, 2011

I'm blogging about Sample Spree, which means I made it out alive- whew!  I did some online research about the Sample Spree before purchasing the tickets, and I have to say that I was SO afraid.  I'm not one that does well in crowds, so the running joke before I left home was having to bring a paper bag with me, in order to breathe into it.  :)

Just to give you a little background, the Sample Spree is where all of the companies sell their fabrics at wholesale, if not less!  Most of the fabric are fat quarter bundles, but some companies sold larger pieces, as well as embellishments, and ribbon.  The doors opened at 8pm, and we got in line at 5pm (CRAZY, I know!).  Let's just say, that for a girl that does NOT DO crowds, sitting on the floor for 3 hours was not a big deal!  :)  

Here was my view of the entry doors to the Sample Spree, not bad- eh?  My momma is very much a people person and got to chatting with the two sweet ladies in front of us in line.  The lady in the green is Pauline, and the one in the pink is Pam...make sure to stop by their blogs and say hello!  :)

It was very hard to document the length of the line, but I tried my best.  I overheard that they pre-sold 1200 tickets, so hopefully that helps quantify the length of the line.  Let's just way that we were WAY ahead all of these people!

These are just a few snapshots of inside the Sample Spree.  It honestly wasn't as crowded as I imagined, as long as you weren't trying to get to the Moda booth, because it was crazy over there!!!

Okay, now on to the good stuff, because I know that you're all dying to see what we purchased! 

I purchased a Pick-a-Bunch Roll-Up from Robert Kaufman, a Summertime fat quarter bundle from Henry Glass, whole yard bundles from Art Gallery (a 7 yard, 9 yard, and 10 yard bundles- eeks!!!), and green ribbon. 

My Momma also picked up some fun goodies!  She purchased a 7 yard bundle from Art Gallery, a Red Rooster fat quarter bundle, an Andover Fabrics snowmen flannel fat quarter bundel, a Summertime fat quarter bundle from Henry Glass, and an Adornit fat quarter bundle!


  1. Wow it was worth the wait...I could totally visualize that and what cute fabrics! Do they sell them at good prices?

    Have fun!

  2. I can't wait to see everything you make with all that beautiful fabric!! And I'm glad you survived the chaos :) miss you!

  3. Oooh that Summertime fat quarter bundle from Henry Glass looks so perfect! I love the geometric patterns it looks like it contains!

  4. LOVE the florals you picked up, they looks so beautiful. You'll have to share what you make =) x

  5. Wow! That looks like fun! Amazing!

  6. What a boondoggle!

    Salt Lake City is a great venue for the show. The people are great and the scenery is awesome.

    Mad Hatter, "how do you do and shake hands, shake hands, shake hands, how do you do and shake hands state you name and business"


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