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Welcome Home Mr. Gnome!!!

June 14, 2010

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I wish that I could say that "I've always wanted a gnome of my own", but it has actually been a new obsession. I was browsing through Target one day (my favorite store!) and spotted this cute little cast iron guy in the garden center and it was love at first sight! :) I didn't buy him that day, as he wasn't on sale (remember my post about being frugal?...perfect example!).

I'm happy to report that the adorable gnome above arrived at my house on Sunday in care of my momma (thanks again momma!). I plan to put him outside the kitchen window (looking in towards the house), in hopes of making washing dishes a bit more enjoyable! :)

Oh, and a quick disclaimer- for those of you who are worried, please don't be as I won't pull an Amelie-esque move and travel around the world sending home photos of the Mr. Gnome visiting the most famous landmarks on the planet- I promise!

What are your thoughts on gnomes- fun, scary, or old lady-ish? :)


  1. We found our gnome the other day who was hiding in storage. His name is Beaker - my husband's doing. I think he is kind of silly but he graces our back door nonetheless :)

  2. Beware; gnomes are known for their trickery!

    Strange events will start to occur without your knowledge. Then poof you will have more gnomes in your backyard each possessing their individual apperance but will have one thing in common.They are watching you!

    Just be warned; those missing scissors, gnomes. Clothes on the floor, gnomes. One sip of milk left in the container, gnomes.

  3. Scurry! They fall in my "never open please" compartment labeled "dolls and other human-like objects that are not supposed to be animated yet some reason I always picture them as being alive and evilly fully functional" :\

    But congrats on your new gnome! :)


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