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My Life and Cereal!

June 22, 2010

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I LOVE cereal (exciting stuff...huh?). I was at the grocery store Monday evening, and while strolling down the cereal aisle, it was as if I took a trip down memory lane. I have to say that cereal (the healthy kind, NOT the sugary junk) has been a staple in my life. I'm a lover of Cheerios, Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes, Kix (which I bought a box of on Monday!), and my all time favorite is Crispix (more about that later!).

Many of times cereal is my dinner on lazy nights, has been used for some of my makeshift diets, and was given away as favors at our wedding! :) Mr. D and I got married at the Kellogg House (Kellogg, the cereal mogul!), and since we are both lovers (some of us more than others) of cereal, I thought it would be cute to share our love with our guests!

Back to Crispix...yummy! I was tempted to buy a box on Monday, but at $5/box I would have been sick with guilt (this train of thought made perfect sense to me on Monday, but sure does sound funny typed out!). Growing up we lived close to my maternal set of grandparents, and I remember that my Grandma B would always have Crispix in her cabinets! I'm thankful for the memories I have as a young girl having breakfast with my sister and my grandparents. Nothing is better than a bowl of Crispix and half of a fresh grapefruit from Grandma B's grapefruit tree!

Are you a cereal lover? If so, which kind is your favorite?


  1. I don't know if anybody loves cereal as much as you do! I like Cheerios and Special K with red berries.

  2. You know mine is crispix.
    I sure do remember thoes breakfasts, happy memories. Lots of love from Grandma B

  3. That is one of the greatest wedding favors ever!

    I am a cereal girl. Cheerios make the daily diet, but if I need a treat Cinnamon Toast Crunch makes me happy.

  4. I should send you Crispix! They are half the price here as there. That is a staple in our pantry! We love them too!


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