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I [heart] Stacey and Clinton!

August 21, 2009

Looks as though TLC is running a 'What Not To Wear' marathon, which is a-okay with me!

With this post I'm professing my love for the show and Stacy and Clinton! :) I don't think my daily style qualifies for the show (although others may disagree [?]), however if someone wanted to give me a $5,000 New York shopping spree, hair cut/style tips, and makeup advice- I would take it in a jiffy!

Are there any other 'WNTW' lovers out there???

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  1. hi!
    i love stacy and clinton too lol
    but as I live in argenitna, sometimes what they show is quiet different for our way of living
    but, to be honest, when you become a mum, no matter where you live, you will "forget" about fashion
    kisses from argentina


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