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Craft Swap= a HUGE Success!!!

August 8, 2009

After weeks of planning and preparation, I am SO happy to report that the Craft Swap was a success! Welcome to the photo tour of Craft Swap #1 (Summer '09)!

Below is my Craft Swap 'loot' (scroll down further as I've provided close-ups of each craft). I knew that I had a crafty group of friends/family, but my oh my...they never cease to amaze me! :)

Megan (my sister) crafted beautiful beaded necklaces and bracelets, such a great addition to any outfit! We picked numbers and picked accordingly; I'm the proud recipient of
a the teal set!

Robbie (my Mom) made each of us a beautiful set of stamped stone coasters! They are so stylish and classic, and I must say I'm excited for a new set of coasters, as my puppy destroyed two of the four cork coasters I owned! There is no way of the puppy destroying these stone coasters (or at least I hope not)! :)

Kiara (my weeknight craft buddy) made each of us a set of handmade cards! I'm so excited to have a collection of her beautiful handmade cards, as I'm not one that enjoys buying generic (and expensive!) cards from Hallmark/Target, etc.

Sherri (a dear family friend) was greatly missed today! She crafted compartmentalized jewelry bags, and inside each of the bags were a pair of beaded earrings (refer to the first photo of this posting!). The jewelry bags were a hit with everyone, and I know that it will definitely be on my packing list for our upcoming vacation in September!

Last but not least, I made an artsy clutch for all, from Amy Karol's Bend-the-Rules Sewing book. If anyone is looking for a great afternoon project, I would definitely recommend the clutch! It is a perfect catch all bag for makeup, photos, coupons, etc.

I also whipped up some flower pins (which were also used for table decorations) for the crafty ladies. I was inspired by Joy's Hope flowers, and think that the pins would be a great addition to any tote bag, pillow, outfit, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Thursday I promised that I would write a review for Melissa d'Arabian's Skirt Steak Tostadas- don't worry, I haven't forgotten! I'm happy to report that the skirt steak was a HIT! The meat had a great flavor, and I enjoyed the fact that for the most part the marinade ingredients are normal pantry components. I wasn't able to locate a Habanero chile at the grocery store, so instead I substituted with a couple drops of hot sauce, although I think you could also use red chile peppers. The recipe advises to marinate the meat for an hour, however I did so overnight, and would advise others to do the same (in my opinion an hour is too short!). All in all the meat was a hit, and will definitely be back on the dinner plate in the near future!


  1. You have the most creative family!!! Everything is just so beautiful! such an awesome swap!

  2. Thank you Candice!! I am so excited with all the goodies I received at the craft swap and love everything. Lunch was delicious! The craft swap was so well organized. Thanks again for including me!

  3. The food was excellent. Was nice to see the girls exchange their love in such beautiful crafts.

  4. This was a fun day for you guys I know, lots of great stuff!


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