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Quilting For A Cause

April 29, 2009

Monday night I stepped out of my comfort zone (shocker!), as my mom and I attended our first Sew Blessed Quilters (SBQ) work session at church. SBQ is a group of talented ladies who make quilts for people in need of prayer. Upon completion, each quilt has approximately 50 threads, that as they are tied and knotted, a prayer is said for someone in need. I truly believe that it is a great concept and a great way to serve; I’m definitely excited to be a part of it!

Enough about the background! My first quilt project for SBQ is a ‘Mystery Quilt’ (aka ‘a lesson in letting go’, which has proved to be very difficult as I’m always the one in the fabric store for 2+ hours trying to pick ‘perfect’ fabric for a quilt). Fabric strips were randomly handed out, and the instructions have been distributed step by step! To date I've completed step 2, below is a picture of my finished squares and the additional fabric I was given to complete the quilt (additional squares, borders, and binding).

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  1. Your quilt will be beautiful when you are done!


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