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Puppies Galore!

April 22, 2009

For everyone that is following my crafting expedition- I'm back to quilting (at least for now)! I'm making a baby boy quilt for a dear friend from high school, as he and his wife are expecting their first in early May! I'm using the same pattern as I did for Miss Catelin's and Miss Phoebe's quilts, the Tumbling Squares Baby Quilt by Jennifer Arey of Baby's Breath Quilts check out Jennifer's 'Block Cutting Chart', as the pattern is simple enough- five fabrics, one 6"x6" block pattern, and repeat 36 times!

A= White Polkadot (top left square)
B= Red print with bones and paws (top left rectangle)
C=Yellow stripe (middle left rectangle)
D= Green print with fire hydrants, etc. (top right square)
E= Puppy dogs (bottom rectangle)

To date I have all of the pieces cut, and partially sewn together. If I can get myself to focus on the task at hand, the quilt shouldn't take too long to complete. I'll post pictures when I'm done- wish me luck!

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