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Ooh La La...

April 15, 2009

The magnets have dried, and been photographed for your viewing pleasure (the blue flower on the green background is my favorite)!

I also picked up some wedding favor bags/boxes, trimming off the goofy handles and adding a quick personal touch to the front, resulting in a semi-perfect package for the magnets (between you and me it drives me crazy that the magnets can't lay perfectly and separately in two rows within the bag/box!). With that being said, I'm on a hunt for cute and cost effective metal tins- which will definitely allow the magnets to lay perfectly and separately in two rows! :)


  1. The magnets turned out very cute! I am sure that Angela will love them!

  2. I like the magnets!

  3. Although I can't see any of your pictures on this blog, you can get round metal tins at Michaels in the Wedding Section. They are actually for wedding favors, but it could serve the purpose that you need them for. The plus thing is that they also have a clear top, so you can see the magnets right away.

  4. Meg...thanks for the tip! Mom and I were wandering through JoAnn's last night and stopped to take a look at them; with a coupon they would be in my price range! :)


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