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Reunion Twister Quilt- Finished + Sewing Tips

August 30, 2012

This quilt has been completed for some time too, however I just never got around to posting photos.  Remember the long arm quilting drama that this quilt put me through?  Long story short, the backing was not taut on the long arm machine, thus folded over onto itself creating unsightly blemishes- fail!  I could either live with it (although my perfectionist self would never allow that) or unpick two rows of perfectly quilted circles.  With the help of my mom, I chose the latter.  It took about two weeks or so until the quilt was completely unpicked (not bad, right!).  :)

The quilt was made using the Twister tool by CS Designs.  The fabric consists of a Reunion layer cake, by Sweetwater, and some yardage (refer to the free quilt pattern that comes with the Twister tool for details).

Here is the finished quilt, in all its glory (its had a rough life- see above!).  I opted to wash the quilt after I completed the binding, and all of the holes from the unpicking disappeared- magic!

Here's the back- bunting and chevron stripes, what more could a girl ask for?  :)

Here is a close up of the circles that were quilted by me on a long arm.  Between you and me, the circle pattern is my go to pattern, as I know it will never disappoint!


If you're interested in making a quilt with the Twister tool, I have a couple of pointers/progress photos for you.

The first step is to sew the 10" squares (layer cake) together, along with the border.  Its amazing to watch the transformation from boring squares to pinwheels.  Its like presto change-o!

For all of the perfectionists out there- here is my #1 tip.  When adding the borders to the 10" block quilt top (see first photo in 'tips' section) make sure to line up the seams.  This photo is an example of what not to do.

This photo is an example of what to do!  :)

If the seams are not lined up, when you cut the pinwheels, you will end up with weird corner seams, as shown in the photo above.

When cutting around the Twister tool, make sure to not cut too far beyond the tool, as there isn't much play room.  If you do cut too far, your next block will have cut marks.  You'll get the hang of how far is 'too far' very quickly!  I also found that using the tool to cut along the fourth side (where the words are in this photo) was too difficult with the angle, etc.  I found that placing my ruler against the tool, removing the tool, and using the ruler to cut along the fourth side was much more efficient.

Once the blocks are cut, make sure you have a design wall, or somewhere to organize the blocks once they are twisted.  I opted to add a small border, although the pattern didn't call for it.  I hope that my tips help should you make your own Twister quilt!


  1. Beautiful!! Another tool I'll need to try!

  2. Great job! I turned out great. I haven't made one yet, but plan to, so I appreciate the tips!

  3. Gorgeous quilt, that circle quilting rocks!

  4. So cute! I love the chevron on the back. And now I have another quilt on my "to make" list.

  5. Candice,

    I started following your blog, your works are beautiful, I love patchowork.


    Catia Pinho

  6. I like this top and I am thinking of getting the 10" twister tool. What size did your quilt measure before you added your outside borders? I am trying to decide between the 5" and 10" tool. Thanks so much.

  7. Okay, I LOVE your quilt! Love it SO much I just followed the link to the country schoolhouse website and just ordered the set! I can't wait!!! Then I'll be back to your blog to reference your great photos!


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