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January 27, 2011

I hate to iron clothes, and have to say that I'm not 100% fond of ironing quilting fabric, but all is tolerable with this view from the ironing board in my Sewing Studio! :)

January 2011 has probably been the best January (speaking in terms of weather) that I can remember! December was rainy, which wasn't pleasant, yet it made the view from my Sewing Studio that much better as the hills are green! It might be hard to decipher in this photo, but there are a handful of horses grazing on the hillside.


  1. Nice view! I agree that our January weather has been pretty awesome. Such a treat to see green in the hills isn't it? A wonderful 76 degrees in my backyard here in Long Beach right now.

  2. Oh I miss hills like that! I see endless corn fields ;).

  3. I do love seeing the green hills!

  4. That is a beautiful sight. I am also glad to see that you didnt take over my (the) guest room! Ha!For some reason I had pictured your studio from a different room of the house.


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