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January 26, 2011

Sunday my Momma and I went to the Road to California Quilt Show in Ontario, to just 'look around'. Let's just say that I walked out with 8 yards of fabric! :) We browsed the featured elaborate quilts, which really blow my mind, but also turn me off at the same time as I like to start and finish a project within a reasonable amount of time. :) All in all, I think the Quilt Show was exactly what I needed to get back in my studio!

Remember this post about The Quilted Fish's fabric and goodies? Well, the Quilt Show was stocked full of Sweet Divinity fabric and The Quilted Fish's patterns, which really inspired me to create! Sunday night I started sewing, Monday I worked on the tutorial, and today I finished my project and tutorial- woo hoo! I know you're dying for a sneak peek, so here is a little one...

If you like what you see (which I hope you do!) you'll have to head over to The Quilted Fish's blog for my upcoming guest post (in March). :)

Also, if you're in need of a Valentine's Table Runner tutorial, make sure to check out my friend Tammie's blog for her Sew Full of Love Week (February 6-12th), as I'll be posting my (soon to be written) tutorial! I ordered some of Moda's Giddy fabric, which should arrive today, so perhaps I can cross that tutorial off of my list this week as well! :)


  1. I can hardly wait to see your Valentine project! Your sneak peak puts me to shame - it is wonderful!!!!!

  2. Love the sneak peek! Can't wait to see the rest of the project!

  3. Oh, that looks really cute. I can't wait to see the rest of the project. Way to go on getting it done. Call me intimidated!

  4. oh my....lookie at that flower!!! I can't wait to see this in its entirety! I hope mine turns out as cute. :)

  5. AHHHH, look how nervous you made me showing that totally adorable sneak peek!
    Now I just can't wait to see it....

  6. I love the colors! Whatever it is, Im sure it will be great! Do we really have to wait til March? Sherri

  7. OH I missed this because you were editing it when I tried to look but... wow! how cute is that gonna be! So excited.


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