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Saturday Night- Sewing Fever

March 30, 2009

As mentioned, I have three more aprons in the works (and then I'm onto a new project!). The first two consist of a chicken/rooster print is for Mr. D's step-mom, and a puppy print (which makes me smile every time I take a glance) for Mr. D's older sister. I'm in a time crunch to finish them this week, as we leave on vacation Saturday morning.

Skirt= chicken/rooster print;
Waistband + Ruffle= brown accent;
Pocket + Straps= yellow accent.

Skirt= puppy dog print;
Waistband + Ruffle= brown polkadots;
Pocket + Straps= blue accent.

However, thanks to my Saturday night of crafting with my dear craft buddy Kiara, I'm definitely on track to finish! I'll try my best to post photos of the completed project prior to our departure.

I also have a cute floral apron that I'm working to complete. I must admit that at the craft store the fabric was a bit out of my comfort zone, although it has greatly grown on me. I'll have to keep you in suspense regarding the floral skirt until next time...just a secret ploy to ensure my readers return! ;o)


  1. Candice it looks like you are doing a great job of picking out fabric that goes very well together.


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