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Aprons 101

March 26, 2009

I quickly made the transition from quilting to apron making, as I had birthdays fast approaching. The first apron took some time, as I've learned that I'm quite a procrastinator when I'm faced with a new challenge (i.e. rick rack!). With the scraps leftover from the apron, I was able to practice my quilting techniques via the impromptu hot pads.

My first half apron (I feel like a proud mom!); the skirt, pocket, and straps are from JoAnn Fabrics' Heidi Grace collection (which I love, as I used the same for Miss Phoebe's quilt).

The second apron was made especially for a coworker's birthday. All of the fabrics below are also from the Heidi Grace collection.

I've purchased fabric for three additional aprons (of which I'll post photos of in the near future). All three aprons have a life of their own, however I know they will be PERFECT for their respective recipients!


  1. I am so impressed with all the crafting you have done and the excellent quality!

  2. Very nice Candice! Those are beautiful aprons! I really like the first one :)

  3. Candice, you sure are surprising me with all your sewing talent. Your aprons are beautiful.
    I hear you are a perfectionist like me, good for you.


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