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Quilt Market- Part 3 {The Quilted Fish's Booth}

July 3, 2012

Ever wonder how a booth at Quilt Market goes up?  I have a couple of progress photos to share, and then of course the final product (which was a gorgeous and unique booth, if I may say so myself!).  :)

Kayce (Amanda's BFF) and Amanda putting up the second fabric covered wall.

Jackie and I working on prepping a third wall.

The booth is coming together!!!  :)

Here is the final booth in all of its glory!!!  How cute is the booth!?!  Amanda did a wonderful job planning out every last detail and I'm so thankful that I was able to be a part of it!  :)

Samples of projects made from Amanda's patterns as well as projects from our new book (including Johanna's bag and Sally's mini quilt) An Apple a Day, 9 projects for the daily life of sewists, quilters, and crafters (those are my cute herringbone placemats on the left side of the table).

Jackie's necklace and Brooke's quilt from the book, as well as Amanda's new Apple of My Eye Quilt pattern (I love all of those ruffles!).

Jana's quilt from the book, which uses Rolie Polies (I love projects that use pre-cuts!).

Stephanie and Julie's projects from the book, as well as some jumbo thread spools (so cute!).


Amanda's sewing box and my herringbone placemats from the book!


Amanda's new 'Petite Maison - Folding Doll House' pattern, which was quite the hit with all of the moms and grandmas alike!

The Petite Maison even has a backyard!  :)

Amanda had a vision to really get the shop owners involved in Market this year, which lead to the offering of our very popular Necklace Workshop!  One person from every store had the opportunity to sign up, sit down, and make a necklace (which is a project in our new book An Apple a Day, 9 projects for the daily life of sewist, quilters and crafters.

This is what the table looked like before the start of Market, and...

This is what the table looked like when one group of shop owners were making their necklaces.  The Necklace Workshop was a HIT!  Lots of work, but a HIT!  :) 


  1. The booth looks amazing. I sell An Apple a Day line in my shop and am getting ready to order more. You didn't mention that large photo with the fabric flowers. It is amazing! How did you do it? Wish I could have gone to market. Thanks so much for the pictures!

    Cheery wave from

  2. Thanks for the memories. Miss you!

  3. That is the sweetest photo of us working together! and i didn't even know how darling you were!

  4. Cutest. Booth. Ever! I want that as my bedroom! That is, if I didn't have to share one with a boy :(


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