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Pick-a-Bunch Quilt Top- Finished!

February 21, 2012

I picked up a Robert Kaufman Pick-a-Bunch Jelly Roll at Quilt Market last spring, and finally cut into it.  This is the first pre-cut I've ever purchased, as I really like yardage- ha!  You may remember me mentioning that I was going to use this tutorial for the Pick-a-Bunch Jelly Roll.  Well folks, I started to use the Random Reflections tutorial, but just wasn't happy with how it was turning out.  So, I cut my losses and re-cut the Jelly Roll pieces per this tutorial!

Initially the 80 small squares were a breeze to make, however the tutorial presses all of the seams the same way, which made making the larger squares (combo of 4 small squares) time consuming.  I have a three times maximum rule, where if the seams do not line up after sewing the first time (even if its off just a bit!), I unpick that portion and allow myself re-sew the seam up to two additional times.  For better or for worse the seam is staying where it is after sewing it for a third time!  :)

The Jelly Roll yielded 64 small squares, which would made up a smaller quilt top than I had wanted.  I picked up a six or so additional 1/8th yard cuts of Pick-a-Bunch and cut my own 2.5" strips to make the quilt top larger.  I'm happy with the size!  I need to piece the back and make an appointment to quilt this pretty little project!


  1. I love these bright colors you choose. Kudos to you for being willing to revamp the quilt when you weren't happy with it. There's no point to making a quilt you don't like!

  2. Very pretty colors. I'm sorry you're having such a rough time with it. I have a three time rule, too. I either throw it out after that or just live with it!

  3. I love this line and it looks fab with this pattern. Thanks for the link to the tute I have a Moda Freebird Jelly roll sitting around just waiting...

  4. This is incredible! I really want to learn quilting at some point, I think it looks great fun =)


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