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Quilt Market- Day 2 + 3

November 11, 2011

I know I'm a week or two late, but I wanted to share a couple of photos from my adventures at Quilt Market (Sunday and Monday)!  

My Momma and I spent time in Basic Grey's booth admiring their fun fabric and craft supplies.  Do you see all of those buttons and flowers on the wall- love!!!  :)

I also love their wall art, made from fabric buttons, and an assortment of embellishments.  I may need a canvas for my sewing studio!  :)

I'm always excited to see the fabrics and samples that Echino displays at Market.  Not to mention that I think I need to make one of their sweet zippered/gusseted pouches (I love the yellow, green, and blue pouch!).  I just may have to treat myself to some of their fabric at Sample Spree in May (Kansas City, MO)!

Remember when I told you that my goal on Sunday was to track down Ty Pennington (after spotting him on Saturday)!?!  Well unfortunately he and his body guard (I still giggle over the fact that he had a body guard at Quilt Market!) were only at Market for one day, so I have no photo to show- bummer!  I did take a couple photos of his booth, which will hopefully tie you over until next year's market.

I love his wall of ties.  So simple, but definitely an eye catcher!

Speaking of men, David Butler (Amy Butler's husband) debuted Parson Gray at Quilt Market!  Be sure to keep an eye out for his first line, Curious Nature, as I know I will (I'm loving the grays and blues!).

Sweet Kay Whitt and I on Halloween.  Kay was dressed as spider-woman!  :)

Moda's designer booth was fantastic!  I absolutely fell in love with Summersville (left portion of the photo) by Lucie Summers.  It could probably go without mentioning, but the right portion of the photo highlights Kate Spain's Good Fortune fabric line.  I love the beautiful play of oranges and purples!

I absolutely fell in love with the custom upholstered chairs.  I really think I need to get my hands on a chair from the thrift store, and invest in fabric, as custom chairs are SO fun!  The theme for the Moda designer's booth this go around was 'Made With Love'...does that sound familiar!?!  :)  My Momma and I were chatting with one of the Moda employees and mentioned that my blog's name was Made With Love.  Long story short she stuffed a sweet Made With Love pillow (the rectangular pillow in the photo above, next to the sewing machine) into my bag!  So fun!!!  :)


  1. YOu're so lucky you were able to attend quilt market! The pics are great--I saw the pillow on another blog and immediately thought of you. I'm glad to hear you scored a"stowaway"!

  2. Such fun adventures were had by all!! I wish we could have spent more time together!! Love hearing your story!!

  3. I love that you got swag. That pillow is perfect!!

  4. How sweet of them to give you that pillow! Glad you had fun! :)

  5. Love the custom chair! and love your blog title. so cute!



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