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Baby Quilt #4...the last of its kind!

July 25, 2009

Did someone say a special little boy was having a 1st birthday? :) The last couple of weeks I've been diligently working on birthday presents for a dear friend's son, as he is one today!

I adapted
Jennifer Arey's, of Baby's Breath Quilts, Tumbling Squares Baby Quilt by adding an additional row, making the quilt +/- 36" x 40". I opted to have this project professionally quilted (got to love the loop-de-loop pattern!).

With my mom's help (she has the patience of a Saint!) I also made a special bib for the birthday boy, using Chickpea Sewing Studio's bib pattern! My applique needs a great deal of improvement, but then again I was satisfied with the outcome of my first attempt!

PS- With this post I also must announce that I'm retiring the above quilt pattern from my tutorial stash, and thus am in the market for a new pattern, so please pass any you may think might interest me my way!

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