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A Trip Down Memory Lane

June 13, 2009

Since making and gifting three baby quilts (plus one more on my 'to do list') I've found myself reminiscing about my baby/childhood blanket, so today I pulled out the blanket from its safe keeping, and took a trip down memory lane.

When I was a wee baby my Grandma M. made me a yellow checkered blanket with an appliqued teddy bear, and from what I remember I didn't go anywhere with out my blanket! Nearly twenty-seven years later, the blanket is a tad bit worn (see picture to the left).

Being the awesome Grandma she is, a few years back, Grandma M. made me a duplicate yellow checkered blanket (see below), for her future great grandchildren to enjoy, just as I did for many years.

With this post, I hope that the quilts I make and gift are loved just as I loved (and my future children will love) my yellow checkered blanket. Thanks Grandma!


  1. I do remember you never letting that blanket from your person. It was a gift of love for sure.

  2. That was me, computer challenged!!!!!!

  3. That is so sweet of her! Do you have any shots of you as a child with your blanket? It would be a cute addition to a nursery someday...


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