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Quilt Market- Riley Blake 80's Party

May 16, 2011

Saturday night, Riley Blake hosted an 80's party at The Depot in Salt Lake City.  I'm not one that enjoys dressing up in costume, yet I think that this photo might be my favorite from the entire trip!  :)

Amanda, and I

Me, Amanda, My Momma, and Kayce (Amanda's sweet BFF).  

Kayce won the won the Women's Best Dressed Costume contest.  I think that her worm moves across the dance floor (she's a hoot!) gave her the winning advantage.  :)

I know that you're all LOVING my dress...hehehe!  I found it at the Goodwill for $15 and really do think that it was from the 80's as the elastic in the sleeves was rotted out, so after a couple of hours with my seam ripper (seriously!) and new elastic, the sleeves were like brand new.  I hope to never have to wear this dress again, but I am keeping it in my closet, just in case I get invited to another 80's party!  :)

Julie, Me, and Sally

Dancing the night away...

80's Cover Band...very entertaining!  :)

Blues Brothers.  They were actually a foursome (2 girls and 2 guys)...great group idea.



  1. Love the Devo group! They were one of my favorites back in the day! Hubby and I love that Sirius radio has an 80's music channel!

  2. Ohhh it sure looks like you have a grand time!!

  3. It was great to meet you, Candice! You ROCKED that prom dress, and got the loudest on the applause-o-meter, but you're right, those dance moves of Kayce's tipped the judge. Thanks for the camera strap tutorial! :)

  4. this is so awesome. i really need a reason to have an 80s party. your hair!!!! ahahahaha


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