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Five Custom Pillows + One Quilt

September 10, 2013

Hello Friends!  I have been sewing like a MAD woman, and wanted to share the finished goods with you!  A little over a month a go I went fabric shopping with my boyfriend (no worries, we left still a couple!).  :)  The mission at hand was to pick "manly" fabrics for new custom pillows for his couches.  I found Betz White's Stitch Organic print and used that as the base for all of the pillows.  We methodically selected a handful of fabrics that coordinated with the Stitch Organic print and were soon enough on our merry way!  I made a total of five pillows, with only two using the same pattern.  All pillows are 18" square, and I machine quilted each pillow on my BabyLock.

I made another Tallahassee paper pieced pillow, just like I did for the Pillow Talk Swap!  This time I used the same fabric for the background and flower middles, and really like how it turned out!

I used the Stitch Organic print for the backing of each pillow, and hid the zipper with a coordinating print.

For this pillow, I modified the Coming Home quilt pattern in Camille Roskelley's Simplify book, to make an 18" square pillow.

It's no secret to my family and friends that I have fallen in LOVE with triangle pillows.  I made two this go around, and really thought about keeping one for myself (shhh...don't tell my boyfriend!).  :)

This is the second triangle pillow.  They both coordinate, yet they're so different.

Last but not least, I modified the A Bunch of Crosses pillow pattern from the Pillow Pop book, to fit an 18" pillow form.  You might remember that I made him a Simply Color Cross Quilt for Christmas last year; I love that this pillow echoes the same pattern.

All of the pillows lined up, and ready for their debut on his couch!

I had some leftover fabric and a little time (more fabric than time), and opted to make a quick fat quarter friendly quilt (Fantastic-O Fat Quarter Quilt, by my friend Gina Halladay).


I also added a little hand embroidery (I couldn't pass up the opportunity!).


  1. he went fabric shopping with you? I hope he doesn't read this, but if you don't ask him to marry you I am going to ask him to marry you! He is awesome!

  2. I can't get my hubby to go to the market and yours went to the fabric store? Where did I go wrong over 18 years ago? (oh wait, I didn't quilt then and never went into a fabric store myself!) Your creations are just marvelous! Living in a house full of all boys (soon to be all men) I certainly appreciate the "manly" choices in fabrics and patterns. Once again, great work my friend! xoxo

  3. I hope he loves these and doesn't take a nap on them and drool all over your lovely work. I also hope his friends don't put their heads on them.

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