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Made With Love's Fabric Kindle CoverTutorial

August 2, 2010

Since I've been blogging I've found that bloggers are so very generous when it comes to sharing free tutorials, and I feel as though it's time for me to give back to the blogging community! So here it goes, my very first tutorial...a Fabric Kindle Cover Tutorial!

  • Outside Fabric: (1) 9” x 17.5"
  • Cotton Flannel (Lining): (1) 9” x 17.5”
  • Quilt Batting: (1) 9” x 17.5”
  • Binding Fabric: 2.25” x 45”
  • Thread
  • Water Soluble Pen
  • Velcro (optional): 2 ½”

Kindle measurements: 8” x 5.3”

1. Cut out three rectangles, using a cotton print fabric for the outside fabric (9” x 17.5”), quilt batting for the middle layer (9” x 17.5”), and a solid cotton flannel fabric for the lining (9” x 17.5”), as the flannel will not scratch your Kindle.

2. Place the outside fabric with the wrong side facing up, quilt batting, and cotton flannel (lining) with right side facing up.

3. With a water soluble pen, draw a horizontal line 6” from the bottom of the outside fabric and stitch on top of the inked line, creating the Kindle pocket. Note- if the outside fabric is too dark to see the water soluble marking (as shown below), draw the horizontal line on the cotton flannel (lining).

4. Fold and press the binding in half lengthwise. With raw edges matching, sew the binding along the top edge of the pocket with a ¼” seam allowance. Fold over the remaining binding and stitch.

5. Fold the bottom of the Kindle cover at the 6” line, with right side facing up, forming a pocket. Baste around the three exposed sides with a 1/8” seam allowance.

6. Beginning at the bottom left hand corner, fold up the binding ½”, creating a ‘finished’ edge and attach the binding with a ¼” seam allowance to the right side of the outside fabric. When approaching the corners, make sure to stop ¼” from the corner, lift your needle and presser foot and fold the binding up onto itself. Fold the binding down again, aligning the raw edges and resume stitching.

7. Fold over the remaining binding, enclosing the raw edges, and complete with a straight stitch, making sure to neatly miter the corners.

8. As an option, Velcro can be added to insure that the Kindle is secure. Stitch the male side of the Velcro ¾” from the top of the pocket, centered. Repeat with the female side of the Velcro 2 5/8” from the top of the flap.

9. Enjoy!

Note- *Tutorial can easily be adjusted to accommodate the Kindle DX and iPad.


  1. I love your kindle cover tutorial, very detailed and easy to follow. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks for following my blog, and entering my giveaways!

    I can't wait to read through your blog, I love sewing!

  3. Thanks for sharing this great tutorial! So random, but I just ordered a Kindle today, and I *just* stumbled across your blog a few minutes ago...must be fate! :) I'm a newbie to sewing, but I think I can tackle this one. Thanks again!

    PS-I'm a SoCal girl, too! :)

  4. What a great tutorial! It's the perfect thing for me to make for my friend's birthday. Thanks!

  5. I made one, and looked forever until I found your blog instructions again to now make another one! Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. I love this cover and I'm making one for my mother in law for Christmas. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Thanks for sharing!


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